sunnuntai 3. marraskuuta 2013

Älä katso minua noilla silmillä.

I started to play Ragnarök Online with my friend and this happened to us.
My character is Juuso and my friend is Jaskas. We are both Acolytes.

We ended up going there like three times before going to do some leveling in a forest where I died because of some mushroom and then I rage quitted. 
But yeah I have never really liked MMOs but I think I will be playing Ragnarök Online because goddammit the characters are so cute and it has nice music.

torstai 31. lokakuuta 2013

Hukun surun aaltoihin

 This is a kind-of-a-comic I did one night.
 I'm currently working on this and coloring and retouching it.


and then couple of my OC sketches.

keskiviikko 23. lokakuuta 2013

I'm a useless child

Hi, sorry I haven't been updating this lately. Life has been busy.
I have  been drawing this kinda creatures to my Religion's notebook today. I don't usually draw things like this.

I hope that I'm not going insane.

I decided that it would be best to use my own face here in my comic diary too, since I'm representing Perjantai Pataljoona here.

BTW, I cut my hair! They are really cute and eventho I made myself swear that I wouldn't cut bangs anymore...Oops!

And for some reason people have asked me if I blonded them?!
Last time I dyed my hair was before I moved to Tampere and that was over 2 years ago.

Although I sprayed my little sisters lightening spray to my hair by accident when I was visiting my parents.

It contained hydrogen peroxide and I was really scared when I noticed that it wasn't salt spray we use.
I washed my hair and all was okay.

I should dig idea's for my art diploma from somewhere in my brain, but I'm not satisfied with anything.
The time is starting to run out...

I just feel like that every idea is horrible. Then I feel like crying and pissed off.
I'm really stressed out ahahahahaa maybe that's why I feel like drawing all the time?
And now to completely different thing!

I also hear that:
"But you have a dog! How can you be lonely?!"

As much as I like to own a dog I have to say that sometimes I wish that I had no dog.

Have they ever thought how much does a dog bind you to your home?
"I wanna sleep..."
"Sorry I have to go. I need to take Jaska to a walk."

"I want to get away!"

But there is lots of good things owning a dog.

You can sleep next to your dog('s ass)
There is always someone happy that you came home safely.
"At last you're home!!"

The sleeping poses of dogs are the best.

At least I get exercise.

"Jaska is the dearest."
"Of course I am"
Sorry I complain so much.

Now some of my sketches!

 Tanuma from Natsume Yuujinchou.
I have been in love with this series since the 1st season aired but I never watched the 3rd or the 4th season so I watched them when I was bed-ridden for two days.

Ookiku furikabutte fan art!

Just feet.

 I'm glad if you're reading this stupid comic diary and you made it this far!
I'm very busy again with my life but I'll try to be more active.
(  it seems that I always promise that but never really do anyhing, I'm sorry )