maanantai 20. toukokuuta 2013

Hello again. I have had a pretty rough week, but things are starting to look even worse. 

This is part of little longer comic, that I decided not to publish since I drew it to let out my anger I felt for certain people. Now that I have cooled down I'm just very sad that things turned out this way. 
I just feel really crappy, okay?
"How can this be so fucking difficult?!"
"I'm so distressed. But then I can't speak about it without feeling so fucking selfish."
"Sometimes I think that it would be better for everybody that I would be left alone of everything."

And now to something completely different! My life hasn't been just depressed feelings or angst lately. I started playing Minecraft after couple of years of thinking back and forth should I or shouldn't I play it.
We're kinda roleplaying w/ friends in it and so far I have had so much fun! This happened on Saturday while I was playing it with a friend. Sorry this comic is also in Finnish.

"A skeleton at the door!"
"...What should I do?"
"What to do...?"
"It can't just stay there either..."

"I have to protect our home."

 Epic battle
"But I won't go out!"

I'm really bad at playing games, eventho I love them. I'm scared shitless of Creepers and Enderman. 

And now to something completely different.
This one is in English.

My jaw is little better now, thank you very much.

And now for something--- of screw this.

Here is some sketches from my sketchbook. 
My OCs for a prostitute house thing...

Twins from the same universe as the prostitute guys. 

This is fan art of Sumomo Yumeka's comic "Kon no ki no Konoha". It's so heartbreaking! I love it! I recommend all of her comics! Last night I read her "Watashitachi no shiawasena jikan". It totally broke my heart to million pieces. I can't remember when I last cried to much because of a comic. But yeah. You should totally go and check them out!

Aaaand this was for my youngest sister who had her 14th birthday couple of weeks ago. She's really into Hetalia right now so I drew her Romano and Spain. yay.

Sorry this was a bit random entry. I won't promise that I would try to change my ways, but yeah. 

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