sunnuntai 28. heinäkuuta 2013

Kesäloma update!

Because this is so confusing update, I will put some of my sketches here. As I wrote earlier I haven't been drawing too much, buuut yeaaaaaaaa.

 Kainé from game Nier. Kainé is probably my ultimate favorite video game character ever.
If you don't like her, I don't know if we can be friends. Ever.

Here is sketches of my OC's who don't yet have any names. I already have thought of a story for them and so far I'm kinda liking it.
 Aah, yes. I have fallen for Welcome to Night Vale as well. My friend said that I should try it out and after 2 days I had listened through all the podcasts. I have been getting difficulties trying to decide what I want Carlos and Cecil ( and everyone else ) to look like. I think Carlos has a somekind of beard, but when I drew the picture below I forgot to draw that.
 Most fan art I have seen of Cecil is that he has a third eye and tattoos of somekind. I became very stressed out because my version of Cecil didn't have neither, so I tried out things.
 After almost 3 months of not drawing in computer I finally got a chance to draw and BOY DID I SUCK. At first I was really angry at myself for not doing that kind of line I used to do, but in the end I gave up and just went with it. I think it came out okay?

Again, I'm sorry about this confusing comic thing. I myself am very confused about the contents in my head, but I will try to work them out.

See you soon!

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